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     I just got some Wii points, as an early birthday gift and now, I'm having hard time, figuring out what to get. Right now, I've got 2200 Wii points. I'm thinking about The After Years, since I really enjoyed FF4. I'll most likely be getting 2 of the following; The After Years, S&S, MM9, Lost Winds,  or MaBoShi. To a lesser extent,  I'm interested in Lit, Adventure Island, Bubble Bobble+, Toki Tori,  and Space Invaders Get Even.

     I'd like to get at least 1 game, with simultaneous multiplayer. Especially, if it has more 3+ players. Having both online and offline play would be nice bonus. Though, that's not necessary, at all.  I believe FF4:TAY has 4 player, but I imagine that doesn't effect much of anything.

     The more I go over it, the more obvious it becomes, that I'm going to need a lot more Wii Points and that's not even taking into account, the unreleased titles, that have been recently announced.

     I look forward to any intelligent, informed suggestions/opinions, though I'm hoping to come to a decision, soon. That way, I can get on to playing.

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world of goo

superchunk said:
world of goo

This. Great game.

Lost winds and world of goo IMO are the best right now out.

However Orbiant is quite good.

Maybe you should save up some points since Icarian is looking quite good and maybe the closest thing to a Icarus game we will get once it gets released.

Final Fantasy the After years is awesome especially since you enjoyed ff4, that being said the full game will cost you $37 over the next couple of months as Square releases new parts to it every month. The first $8 will give you about 6 hours worth of game play and it is definitely awesome, you can also pay an additional $3 for the next episode. Lost Winds is really good but can be beaten in about 3 hours. Strong Bad is also pretty good if you like point and click games although you may want to save your money for Monkey Island if that's your thing. Bomberman is awesome if you have played previous Bomberman games, same thing goes for Mega Man 9 if you like previous Mega Man games you will love it.

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      Thanks for the replies! I appreciate it. I must say, I'm surpirsed. I checked in on this thread, almost 2&1/2 hrs afters I posted it and delcared it a lost cause. It always seems like, you have to post joke threads or flamebait around here, to get tons of replies.

      Anyways, I already have "World of Goo". I ended up getting FF4 and "Mega Man 9". Which now, leaves me with 400 Wii Points. I guess, multiplayer madness will have to wait, till next time. I was really close to getting "Swords & Soliders". It reminds me a lot of "King Arthur's World" for the SNES.

      I had already played MM9 and Lost Winds, very briefly once before, but that was awhile back. It's hard to judge based on that limited experience, alone. I kept getting this feeling in the back of my mind, that my memory of "Lost Winds" might have been tainted, by it being a launch title and how good the art style looked for an early WiiWare game. That's probably not true, but I really hate hyping myself, just to be disappointed or worse end up with buyer's remorse.

      I had also heard Lost Winds is short. Ofcourse, I've heard that about plenty games that, to me, are worth their price several times over.

      I'm still open to suggestions, for later purchases. I was wondering if, anyone has played "Bonsai Barber" or that Samurai Toaster game. They look cool, but I'm not really sure what to make of them, without playing them.

Strong Bad is awesome if you're a fan of, if not then spend your points on World of Goo, Megaman 9, Bubble Bobble + is pretty good, and you can't go wrong with Tetris and Dr. Mario of course.


Edit: and of course there's tons of Virtual Console and classic arcade games as well, so I'm sure you could find something that you might have missed out on back in the day, and you won't break the bank either!

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