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In the latest Qore episode for June (that someone happened to record HERE) a new PSP model called the PSP GO! has been confirmed, and if you listen carefully at 3:50, you can hear the guy say there is a new Metal Gear Solid game coming.  Probably the same game that Kojima is teasing us about currently (most likely MGS Portable Ops 2) .

Woohoo another Metal Gear Solid game :) was that what that countdown was all about at Kojimas webiste?

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Uhhhh... I'm not shocked... or impressed...

I want a console game...

4 ≈ One

The PSP is where it belongs. None of that ipod nonsense.

If that's what the countdown's for, I'm goign to be super pissed. For one, I don't want to get a new PSP after I just got my PSP 3000 for Christmas. But most importantly, I want MGS 5 on the PS3!!!!!!!

lol is this the epic MGS game ever ones been raving about?

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Didn't naznatips break this news yesterday?


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Nazna gave us the heads.

I can't wait for more information.

Err.....doesnt everyone already know this...

Well, if true, that's still great news. Portable Ops 1 was awesome.