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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So Wii Fit + is real???

May 27, 2009 by The News Team Wii | View feedback | Show/Hide

Remember back in April when we told you guys that Wii Fit Plus may be coming? We had the retailer proof to go along with that story. Now, we have an even more interesting bit of confirmation.

Nintendo has registered a trademark in Japan for Wii Fit Plus, and it comes with this official logo.

If that's not a 100% confirmation of the game's existence, I don't know what is! Now we are left to wonder when Nintendo is going to show this off, and what it's going to be all about. A new bundle? MotionPlus support? Let's see if we find out at E3!


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Nintendos main game for E3 confirmed? :p

i expect to see more about this in E3

If the whole E3 conference is this...

Well things like this are trademarked all the time so who knows what to make of it. But it wouldn't surprise me if Ninty had a sequel or motion plus supported to their ever popular Wii Fit videogame. Although, personally, seems a little too early to release another one considering the continued awesome sales of the original, this does still seem plausible. Seeing it shown off at E3 as a big game wouldn't be that surprising at all. We all know Ninty will need to show off big core games but they still need to continue their "casual" support and this would definitely be a big one.

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it can be a wii channel as well so.. i doubt nintendo would make another Wii Fit when first one is still selling like crazy.

Wii Fit plus? Nintendo milking something never bothered me until now...

I agree with Zucas; although this seems plausible, it would be quite early to release a sequel. Not when the original Wii Fit is still topping the worldwide charts week after week after week, practically unchallenged by anything other than Nintendo's own other Wii titles.
Releasing a sequel so soon would totally cannibalize the sales of the original. I can't begin to fathom the unheard-of profits Nintendo must be generating from Wii Fit, so it wouldn't really make sense at all to release a new game. Even announcing a new game would slow the original's sales IMO because people would wait for the newer product to release instead of getting the first one.

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well i hope ninty demonstrate it at E3.

fun stuff

i hope they are doing this to increase adoption of motion plus by completely replacing the orginal wii fit and including moyion plus.
Otherwise it is a douche move

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