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It doesn't have to hardware based. It might be new collection of balance board games.

Hehe I have a feeling that if true it will take place of Wii Music from last year E3 show :D


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      A lot of times TM's amount to nothing, but it's hard to ignore the timing of this news. If it is something, more likely than anything, it's just new sw support for the Balance Board , especially considering the fact, that it's called Wii Fit+ and not Balance Board+. The gameplay could combine Balance Board and M+ controls. That could definitely make for a successful follow-up and boost HW for both peripherals. Not to mention, encouraging developers to make titles that use both, in conjunction.  

      I doubt it, but it could also be for their next system, seeing how Ninty often TM's peripheral related stuff, further in advance. Maybe, it's an add-on peripheral that works with the BB, like how M+ works with Wii Remote. I guess, will just have to wait for an official statement, to know for sure.

What would be quite interesting is a WW download that enhances Wii Fit using M+

If that's true nintendo milked a cow dry

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I'm hoping this is a channel, or an improvement of the Wii Fit channel rather than a new game.

I suppose it would make sense to release a Wii Fit Plus game to the 17million+ install base they've created for the balance board... And release a seperate Wii Fit Plus bundle to drive further adoption of the device.

It's looking more and more likely Wii Fit Plus will be given time at the press conference.

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I hope Nintendo releases more Wii Fit type stuff. The Balance board is a great peripheral, but I found the Wii Fit software somewhat lacking. Fun for a while, but it quickly lost it's appeal.

You know, I think I'd kill for a Wii Fit title featuring Mario. That bugger really needs to lose some weight.

Soleron said:
If the whole E3 conference is this...

i will lose all faith in nintendo...but i dont see that happening.