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i still reckon that with a good strike partner and a good midfield supplying him, Owen can stilll score 15-20 goals in a premier league season, he's only 29, he's got at least another 3 seasons in him i think, i reckon he will sign for a top 6 club or Man City for around 7.5-15m

as for the league, im gonna go with United for a 4th year in a row, i think we'll sign a new player or two and keep most/all the current squad, with our younger players only getting better as well, i think Chelsea may be a big thread depending on who takes the job, Arsenal could struggle if they dont get more experienced players in. Liverpool dont have the ability to win the league imo, this season was there best shot, i think they will be down to 3rd or 4th next season. Man City will be up the table, Sparky should see to that, dont see them in the top 4 just yet though. Villa or Everton could pip Arsenal to the final champions league spot as welll imo.

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@ Captain - Davies isn't a joke, but knight is. The problem with the Aston Villa defense is not the level of skill, but the command. We have no commanding defenders anymore, esp. since Laursen was injured and had to leave. The skill exists in our defense, but we can't bring it together because no-one commands the defense like him. If we had Rio Ferdinand, problem solved, but that ain't gonna happen.

Barry would be good, people forget he is a commanding defender... but we need him as a midfielder too and it just wont work.

3 defenders is what we need and one of them needs to be powerful over other defenders.

^ With Giggs getting older and Tevez leaving, we could sign Ribery, Valencia or Silva. Our formation could look like this

Rafael/Brown/Neville, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra (De laet was impressive today)
Ribery/Valencia/Silva, Owen/Gibson, Scholes/Carrick/Fletch, Ronaldo/Nani/Park
Rooney, Berbatov/Welbeck/Macheda

There are players I havnt even mentioend yet that will just add to United depth. United youngsters looked very impressive today.

942 goals not 915 goals but its still the lowest scoring season in Premier League history. Owen has been let down by shit service, if he is given chances he will take them.

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Get readt for a max exodus at Newcastle. They cant afford to keep the players on those wages in the Chmpionship. They didnt deserve to stay up and i think they will do a Leeds.

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"Nothing better than watching a fat geordie cry"

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Amen... the North East hotbed of football myth crushed again, hopefully Newc U attendances wont drop to 15,000 following relegation this time.


North West premier league clubs 


Man U


Man C




(possibly Burnley this afternoon)

7 (or 8) out of 20

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^ Damn man. I wanted to watch that game Burnley and Sheffield Utd, but I have to go do a damn math test :(

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@nunedq is that a joke? the league certainly is...

I'm not really here!

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Get that fucking Bundesliga shit out of here. Its people like you who ruin threads. Get a team to challenge for the CL or the UEFA Cup for that matter.