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This is pretty much what keeps girls from telling that they're girls in games.


Playing TF2 on my regular server, this happens a fair bit.

*Girl joins, and says hello to everyone* (It's obvious that it's a girl due to the voice)


Some moron yells


"HOLY CRAP! It's a GIRL playing Team Fortress 2"


*Girl leaves*


Every bloody time someone realizes there's a girl, someone yells "OMG! - a girl!". Every time.


I have a friend who actually quit playing games for that reason.


Well, anyway. Most girls won't say that they're girls (partially for that reason).



52% of all the people on the world are women. You can't seriously be surprised that there's 1 among the 20 of you.


(This was actually a bit out of context with the thread, I'm not sure why I posted it).



Oh, and it's even worse when I come in and say "hello!". "OMG! It's a girl!". I just have a high pitched voice darnit!

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

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@ Oyvoyvoyv

I hate when that happens, it's annoying that there are so many morons who act like that.

Oyvoyvoyv said:

I just have a high pitched voice darnit!



Galaki said:
Oyvoyvoyv said:

I just have a high pitched voice darnit!



I blew my cover. Was it because I said "I just have a high pitched voice darnit" rather than "I have such a bloody retarded butt-ugly stupid voice god damnit!"

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

Why are you still here? You should have left and quit Internet as soon as someone discovered your gender.

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ctk495 said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
ctk495 said:

Apart from vgchartz,I  am a member on another site that is base on discussions about reality Tv shows

You are a mean :P

But why would would you want to talk about false reality crappy TV shows.

Galaki said:
On the Internet, there are 3 things to keep in mind to survive safely.

Men are men.
Women are men.
Children are FBI.


haha that is awesome. i accept that this is a man's domain, but i play games too! and not just silly "imagine petz" and nintendogs or whatever, gimme the frickin guns and swords n shit :D

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There was a car accident the other day when a man ran over a woman who ran in front of his car, the question is who's fault was it?

Now 99% of you would say the woman but you need to ask yourself what was the man doing driving his car in the kitchen in the first place?

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*is a girl* yeah!!!!

4 girls in this thread already... WoW! Well Done Ctk!

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