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Pristine20 said:
Mirson said:
Pristine20 said:
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KLucifer said:
there is one more dickhead....medics....yes medic....u run out of ur like ehhh watever...let me respawn...but NOOOOO....medics revive you...

I hate that too. I'm practically the only one who uses the small machinegun, and it's difficult to find ammo for it.


you must be low rank in kz2 because back then I remember it being rare too. However at my level, so many ppl use that gun. It excels at cheap headshots

I think I'm a captain or major. Yeah, the gun is great for headshots. Too bad many use rockets and shotguns.


One trick many don't realize with the assault class is that you can win a BC game easily by commiting suicide (doesn't affect your K/D ratio) after your kills especially if there's no way to survive. That way, the enemy never gets any points.

yep, and that's the ultimate dickhead move.


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or you could not just commit suicide but use the assaults rush ability to run into a group of enemies and go allah ackbar you deny them a kill and take 2-3 with them..

of course that is not nice at all.. so never use it on a team that plays fair lest you become the dickhead

LOL, good stuff "El Senior Dickheadio"

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today there was someone who tried to melee me and kept hitting the air to was funny to watch good thing I have my old trusty M4 2 shots took care of him hey and I took his shotgun too :p