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Forums - PC Discussion - What is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

KPN 8Mb dl

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One that I can guarantee none of you here have.... (excpet maybe skee)

Zen internet.

Local business that is the fastest growing ISP in the UK... based within 2 miles of my house and offer exclusive deals and better bandwith to local customers. I also use them for my business and can recommend them to anyone in the UK... superb service - beats the shit out of the big boys. Nice.

I'm not really here!

verizon FIOS

Good internet speed depends upon your package,
I have Comcast internet connection,
For me
Download speed-20.047mbps
Upload speed-6.043mbps
I checked my internet speed using
What do you think about my internet speed?

B2B Groningen

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Optimum Online

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Well isn't this such nice necromancy.

Anyway, FUNET. It's basically the Finnish university network.