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Forums - Website Topics - You must close the website now!

ioi and all: Subject line is dramatic but it's intended as very friendly
advice.   I have huge affection for vgchartz.  I am a Safari user so have not
been affected by the recent crisis about viruses etc.  But I and other Safari
users (or linux or firefox or whatever you want) are not invulnerable to future

I suggest you close the site down as soon as possible.   I mean put up a notice
saying that the site is closed for retooling while you investigate and fix the
virus problems.

Basically the point is that once you are compromised you need to switch off the
source of infection.  It's a simple question of responsibility to your
visitors.    If you discover your computer is compromised, the first thing you
need to do is unplug the network cable.  It's the same with a website you run.

I'm really sorry to say this, but it's the only responsible way forward.

As other posters have said, there are plenty of posts on other forums about the
other problems.  I shouldn't be visiting right now (because Safari is not magic
immune or anything.)    I want to help, but with no understanding of website
security I can't.

I have no understanding of security so cannot help.   From the forums other
people do and would be willing to.  My suggestion would be to put back website
features one by one and make sure they are clean.

Of course when you have it fixed get the word out.

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He has a case. Putting the site down for one or two days does not hit the reputation so hard like a virus.

Well said...

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I'm sure ioi has everyone's best interest in mind and is dealing with the issue appropriately. He seems to be more then capable at deciding what action should be taken to fix the issues. Let ioi run the site.

On a side note to ioi though, this issue does affect the site's credibility, and should be dealt with so that credibility can be regained.

Most sites run like this go through a period of this kind of stuff. Everyone should just be patient with ioi and let him execute. I understand that he has had some personal issues to deal with. VGChartz isn't a large army of experts, it seems to be a few talented experts that believe in this community. The community should believe in them...

If ioi could fix the virus problem in 1-2 days by shutting the site down.....Sure.

But I fail to see how shutting the site down would speed up the fixing of the virus problem any?

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

I haven't felt this site is less credible because of this. Yahoo gets hits by viruses, and how many people still use the site? It will get fixed, it doesn't need downtime.

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I wouldn't mind...even on my work computer with Windows ME Firefox has started to crash for the past few days the first time I come to the site. After I restart Firefox, I'm ok, and I've never gotten any viruses...but we're going to lose a lot of members if this problem does not get fixed.

 But I think we can just be patient.  Our contributing members probably wouldn't want the the site to go down for a few days for no reason...might as well keep it up, since some of us aren't really getting hit with problems anyway.  Once the problem gets fixed, we'll be good, so we just gotta wait.

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I don't know.... my IE at work used to completely shut itself off when i went to the site, but now it runs fine. Hopefully it's already getting better.

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