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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Offical March NPD Thread (Data in 4 hours)

Ail said:
Dark Chaos said:
Every PS3 game was overtracked except KZ2. And the PS3 was massively overtracked.


Errr ?

All 3 PS3 titles for which numbers are given were undertracked ( Re5, MLB The Show, KZ2).


My bad;(

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PS3 had 3 games in the top 10 & ALL three were undertracked!

lol for once PS3 software in NA is more impressive than its hardware!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Very happy for Re5 by the way. The game rocks.

With this new numbers the game is probably already over 3.5 million units sold at retail worldwide...

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !

Why did people expect numbers to go up, it naturally declines around this time till the holiday season

darthdevidem01 said:

don't you know.....nowadays it seems like PS3 fans have less expectations from PS3 than 360 fans


For those crying, when was the last time you saw 3 PS3 games in the top games?


The console is freaking expensive, you can't expect people to flock to it when so many can't even pay their mortgage. Sony made a decision to stick to their pricing, you guys are expecting more than they do?

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PS3 overtracked, MLB 09 The Show way undertracked.

All hardware but 360 down versus last year is a bit unexpected. But last year had a lot of big product early in the year. This year, the first potential growth-driver is DSi, which will be in April NPD, and then it's Motion Plus/WSR in June/July. Last year didn't have big product in June or July, IIRC.

So basically, an off month, but hopefully DSi and Motion Plus will drive some industry growth for the year.

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Yes Xbox 360 was the ONLY YOY increase HW wise

well anything other than that would be a disaster of monstrous proportions for MS.....I mean its cheaper than the wii


is anyone gonna give us % of YOY decreases/increases?

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That's it I'm moving to Japan! LOL

It says the RE5 360 numbers do not include bundles.  I wonder how many of the red bundles sold to add to this game wise...

I don't understand how 360 not being down is surprising

When a console falls to MASS MARKET PRICE it has its best year....

anything other than that would be terrible

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