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Forums - Sales Discussion - new Wii commercials Wow, they're *really* going after the non-gamer market here. I think there was a half-second of Wii Sports golf and the rest making Miis! I don't understand why they went with the flashy japanese-salesman commercials to begin with: they're cute, but they don't sell the system well. I think they'd just be smart to make more of / run the more interesting Wii experience videos from - let the product speak for itself: the Wii doesn't need/benefit from flashy production (vs. say PS3 where they're still selling a promise not yet a product) Can you imagine these running on TV with no voiceover or titles: ...the system and people's natural reaction to it sells itself. Nintendo is trying too hard still.

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I think they're perfect for casual and non-gamers, playing with Mii's is something that most new Wii owners have spent several hours on and actually enjoyed. It's one of the big draws of the system, advertising it makes a lot of sense. :)

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I's a good thing to have at least on ad showing off the Miis at "non-gamer" friends love the Miis.

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I've always thought that just running some clips of the "Wii experience" videos would be a solid ad campaign too. But you can't argue with results. Wiis selling out everywhere, and Wii ranked as the second most recognizable new product of any type launched in 2006 by one survey. Wii's marketing has been as good as one could possibly imagine, basically.

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It's hard to argue with results, but I don't think Nintendo's commercials have done anything to help: the buzz around the Wii is all organic. To the extent that their PR has done anything, it's too keep quiet and avoid / quickly neutralize slip-ups.

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Personally I thought the Teaser Trailer (TGS 2005) and the trailer with game footage (E3 2006) would have made an excellent ad campaign for both gamers and non-gamers alike ... I think that showing people use the Wiimote and have fun sells the Wii far better to non gamers than game footage could; this is what I think their ad campaign is focused on, but I think the steril environments that were in the tease trailers puts more focus on the people.

Another Mii-centric commercial: The Tiger Woods for Wii commercial is absolutely genius however: ...this game could do *HUGE* numbers. Put golf games up there with the major league team sports.

Yeah it's about going after the older non-gamer and going after women; expanding the market. Thus far the Wii marketing I've seen puts anything Nintendo's marketing has done in the GameCube days, and probably the N64 days, to shame. The We would like to play Wii commercials are pure genius.