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Forums - Sony Discussion - New Sony PSP trend? Retail Patapon 2 rumored to be UMD-free

atapon 2, the sequel to the quirky rhythm game on the PSP, will not be shipped on UMD. Instead, the game will be available via the PlayStation Network for $15 and—here's the twist—the game will also be sold in retail stores. The PSP cases will be empty, with a voucher for the download inside. If you purchase the product at retail, it will be $19.99. You'll also be able to purchase the download code via the web sites of certain retailers. Again, you'll buy a code the unlocks the download. There will be no UMD, physical copy of the game available.

Interesting, will never work but still interesting.


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I think internet adoption is still far too low for this to work , not everyone who has a PSP has access to the internet and even if they do they may not be able/want to connect their PSP's to the internet.

I think Sony's best bet is to offer online content for cheap alongside UMD's at retail.

It's obviously a test to see if it will work but logic says no just by looking at the concept. Purchase the voucher from a store, go home and make an account, download game or go to store, pick up game and play.

It's just not going to work, DD needs to work with another format, be that UMD or memory sticks.


They've been doing this for months now. PSP games must be selling well enough on PSN.

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They better not. >=(

I can download it easily enough, but I'm a collector. I want my game.

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en europe il est disponible en umd et sur le playstation store

hmm I dont think itll work to well...

TBH I would hate for this to happen as I rent 99% of my games now, not going to happen anytime soon though so meh.


makingmusic476 said:
They better not. >=(

I can download it easily enough, but I'm a collector. I want my game.

You said it


Honestly for the budget price, it's more acceptable however. I like to hold onto my games, and memory can corrupt. Also there will eventually be a point where the game may not be hosted any longer and then I've got a 20$ piece of paper.

I'm adamantly adverse to digital distribution, I will not exceed a 10$ purchase for a download-able game. I've yet to purchase a single thing on Xboxlive arcade or any game add-ons, though I've purchased a few VC titles PAIN(when it was on sale) and will purchase Final Fantasy 4 on Wii ware. Even that much is kind of pushing it for me though, I'm not paying retail price, even at budget, for a game that I don't technically have. Especially when it doesn't save me space, I still get the case. Just put the damn physical copy in there..