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The game is open world. Oh yeah baby.



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sweet. I hope it still has a celtic theme.

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Lol there was a scene from the first FFCC in that TV.
It actually make sense since Crystal Bearers is due in a distant future compared to the first eposide.

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I didn't play the GameCube one, but this looks cool.

I hope it has a bigger world than Zelda: TP. This game seems like FFCC: Zelda anyway. Probably with better combat though.

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the crystal is almost half way full

before all this info this game was a "maybe" to me, but now im looking forward to it SOOO much! i can't believe just a while ago we thought it was vaporware, now we know so much about it, can't wait :)

11ht11 said:
the crystal is almost half way full


I see the crystal as half empty.


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everyone go to the site! that way we get vids faster!