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IGN has finally been able to play Guitar Hero III on the Wii, and it's looking good. I was initially skeptical on the whole "put the wiimote to the guitar and SHOVE IT IT" thing, but turns out it offers a great many benefits. The thing is of course wireless, using the wiimote's machinery for wirelessness, power, detecting which way you're holding the guitar, as well as playing the sound that you get from missing a note from the wiimote's speaker. This could be cool in two player mode, as you'll now know if it was you or the other guy who messed up. Also has some kind of online mode, and is the first GH game with rumble. There's also an analog stick to help navigate the Wii's menus because you obviously can't use the pointer if it's in the guitar. This would be a very nice feature for Gamecube controllers if you're listening, Nintendo...

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Sounds awesome, I'll get this, I hope the Wii version see's nice sales seeing as it has things unique to the PS3/360 versions.

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This would certainly be an interesting sales comparison game.

The Wii version could very well outsell the Xbox360 and PS3 versions of this game if it's made well

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I pre-ordered mine a month ago and am slowly paying it off before it comes out. I'm down to $60 owed. I am very eager to get this.

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Have they announced any kind of price for this? It better be cheaper than the other versions due to the wiimote stuff.

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Wii is $90 and PS3/360 versions are $100. PS2 version is also $90 but gains benefit from many people already having the controller for GH2.

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I would consider this but I've already bought GH for the PS2 and GH2 for the 360 and I don't play either one nearly enough to justify wasting money on another Guitar.

So after reading the article, this bit sounds a little bit interesting:

Multiplayer is a huge focus for the third iteration of the Guitar Hero franchise, so you'll definitely want to invest in a second Wii guitar to take advantage of the co-op and competitive modes in Guitar Hero III. That's right: competition. There are a few modes in Guitar Hero III where you'll be able to screw with the other person. Earn a power-up after a successful string of notes and you'll be able to do stuff like temporarily increase the opponent's difficulty level, double up his notes, shake his screen for a few seconds, or "break" one of his strings that'll require him to whack the whammy bar or one of the guitar buttons to fix the problem.

I mainly like the temporarily increase the opponents difficulty and breaking their string parts.

twesterm said:
I would consider this but I've already bought GH for the PS2 and GH2 for the 360 and I don't play either one nearly enough to justify wasting money on another Guitar.

 Are they offering the game seperately? Seriously, are they?

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It's going to sell like hotcakes. It's been up in the amazon bestsellers for a long time. I can't believe that Rock Band hasn't been announced for the wii. It's a serious mistake. Why wouldn't you put out your casual/party game on the system that seems to be made for such things?