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Of course the ds isnt overtracked! No!

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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MasterZack said:
What's the meaning of "overtracked"?


it means the number that the console (or game) is being tracked at is higher than the real number of sales

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Thank you!! Now i understand everything.

Tremble said:
My humble apologies !

BTW, Belgium rocks, netherlands sux lol (I kid of course!)


you better >:(

I take this thread as an opportunity to say that GTA IV 360 version is still overtracked by 500k in NA and many Square Enix titles as well. Hope this gets adressed.

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Tremble said:
??? Wow guys, first of: I don't say the DS IS overtracked, but MAY be overtracked ... And I have a DSlite myself so, no I don't hate nintendo, that's ridiculous!


watch the end from 00:30-00:35



I'm sorry I can't watch the video.

Actually, guys... Tremble is right. The DS is actually overtracked by 53.7 million units and is only at 45.06 million units sold. This makes the PSP the number #1 selling handheld in what has actually been a coup of the handheld market overlord since the original monochrome, cinderblock, Gameboy.

And with all the PSP games being released this year, along with a new Monster Hunter title, the PSP will only extend it's lead.

True words spoken.