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Good update.

And a nice picture of golden axe to accompany Sega megadrive/Sonics ultimate Genesis collection.

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is that a list of the best games or all the games for the 360? :) jk, it's a decent list. I own most of them, so that means they are good right?

Where is Earth Defense Force?

great list btw

360 rocks

Very nice list!

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Thanks all. I will be updating as more games get up the popularity scale and there are still a few tweaks to make.

Youll all be surprised at how many games I had to leave out. Not to mention the huge amount of puzzle/strategy XBLA games - it actually deserves its own list/thread but adding here would make it too huge.

Earth Defense Force was a candidate for Best Shooter: Action Adventure but didnt make the top 5.

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I would shorten the rythmn genre by taking out GH3, RB, and GH 2. Then put in DDR, and lips. You know, make it more varied. People alrady know about the RB and GH series, so there's no need to post every installment when there are different series out there :P

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Nice List! Your missing DDR! :D

I might consider DDR & Lips although they dont beat all the above games based on Metacritic or popularity on these forums (at least I dont think so). Is DDR1 the best of the lot since DDR2 and DDR3 exists?

Also I need to add Resi Evil 5 and Peggle soon.

great list ... but where is RE5 ?