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I'm pretty sad that I won't be able to do much gaming for the next two months thanks to my mom. >_>

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Time for a midnight snack... Gee I'm so HUNGRY!!! O_O

Income tax time. And I made so much money in 2008 that I OWE $1166! And I already live check to check. Looks like my gaming days are done for a while.

Twitter: @d21lewis

trying to figure out what to do today?

@d21lewis damn I forgot about that....I'll do it later

thinking that i should go now

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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Wishing I could have a floating talking cat like in DragonBall...

I can't wait for Killzone 2 to come the bloody topics can stop.

Also I forgot about Taxes til just now...

You can find me on facebook as Markus Van Rijn, if you friend me just mention you're from VGchartz and who you are here.

WAAA...i want to be teddiursa!!!!

im thinking about what im thinking!lolz!!!

i wanna be espeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11