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Forums - Sales Discussion - What are YOUR RE5 Sales Predictions?

Capcoms predictions for what they will sell for RE5 have been released, but I'm wondering what you guys think on numbers.  They can be anything you want, Lifetime, First Week, Opening Day, whatever.

I see it moving somewhere 3.5 million and 4.5 million Lifetime depending upon reviews.

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I can see it doing RE4 numbers if the reviews and word of mouth are there.

It sold 1.6m on the Game Cube, and both the 360 and PS3 already have numbers around the GCN's lifetime userbase.

RE4 sold over 6m total, though nearly 2m of that was on the Wii, and may reflect "repurchases" for Wii owners upgrading to the latest version.

So I would put the floor at 4m. Ceiling at 6m. I'll split the diff and say 5m.

Same as MisterD: I'd put it at 4 million.

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2.3 million total without a Wii-version.

melbye said:
2.3 million total without a Wii-version.

seriously? Thats really low, I think co-op will be a very big selling point especially on 360 where Live is king. I see it doing 2.3 million on 360 by itself.

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3.5 on the Xbox360

2.2 on the PS3

--> close to 6 million.

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5 million copies
i think it is going to be eclipsed a little bit by other games like halo wars, killzone and street fighter 4
but maybe im wrong

rulo_rezn0r said:
5 million copies
i think it is going to be eclipsed a little bit by other games like halo wars, killzone and street fighter 4
but maybe im wrong

yeah I'm really curious what Street Fighter IV is gonna do.  I kinda think it might underperform what many people's expectations are. 


3.8 million total - 2.0 360, 1.6 PS3, .2 PC.

Barring another release, that's about as far as I see them getting. RE4 keeps being thrown around as an example, but each successive port added more to the game and encouraged people to purchase the game again. If it's just the three announced games and nothing more, the 6 million Capcom is talking about sounds ridiculous.

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3.5 million (without a wii version release)....if they somehow made it for wii i think they would hit their goal of 5 mil

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