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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict the Nov American Chart in here peeeeople!!

Wii 500k PS3 350k X360 550k DS 700k PSP 400k PS2 650k GBA 500k GC 250k XB 90k Gears of War 750k The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 450k Final Fantasy XIII 900k Red Steel 200k Resistance: Fall of Man 180k Sorry for posting in the America thread, didn't see this one, you can delete it.

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ioi, FYI: my predictions are for U.S. only not N. American estimates in the case you are keeping score of our accuracy: NDS - 980,000 X360 - 600,000 Wii - 551,000 GBA - 542,000 PS2 - 535,000 PSP - 439,000 PS3 - 224,000 NGC - 83,000 XB - 11,000 1. Gears of War - 722,000 2. Final Fantasy XII - 709,000 3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 418,000 4. Resistance: Fall of Man - 167,000 5. Red Steel - 117,000

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Very very very gaudy numbers, but acording to NOA and Sony, should be accurate...360 estiamtes are guesses (but good guesses) Wii - 800k PS3 - 275k X360 - 650k DS - 850k PSP - 550k PS2 - 400k GBA - 30k GC - 45k XB - 6k Gears of War - 1,350,000 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 725,000 Final Fantasy XIII - 1,300,000 Red Steel - 400,000 Resistance: Fall of Man - 220k Software Sales PS2 - 3.75m X360 - 3.5m NDS - 2.5m Wii - 2m PSP - 1m PS3 - 500k GC/XB - 300k/ea

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Wii_gamer said: Wow, those are even higher!! No way Gears of War will do over 1m According to Microsoft, as of Nov. 22nd, GOW already sold 1m copies w/w, or more....That was BEFORE black friday, if memory serves me correctly. Other recent comments by retailers has stated that since the Wii/PS3 are sold out, sales for 360 seem to have jumped. Now, if MS sells 550k+ 360s in America, most after black Friday...A 1m+ unit sales would very much be justified. Also, considering that GOW has had nearly the whole month to make sales bodes well for it selling so much..... Look at other huge 360 titles: Madden 07: 644,500 Saints Row: 514,000 Dead Rising: 382,000 Oblivion: 424,000 GRAW: 520,000 Now, the closest game for comparison would be GRAW, which 8 months ago sold 520k units its first month, and went onto sell 1m units. Now, GoW is more hyped, and the 360 has about 1,750k more units when GoW came out versus GRAW. Both games have similar launch cycles (both were early in the month). Madden 07 was similar, and it got 650k its first month. Because of that, I see GoW getting between 1.1 and 1.3m units in November, and another 700k next month...So 2m units this year.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

600,000 Wii 190,000 PS3 250,000 X360 550,000 DS 120,000 PSP 200,000 PS2 190,000 GBA 30,000 GC 4,000 XB 440,000 Gears of War 450,000 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 1,050,000 Final Fantasy XII 150,000 Red Steel 100,000 Resistance: Fall of Man

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Wow pepole hated the ps3 even before it launched..



Oh boysy woysy...



Actually there were a ton of articles about limited supply in the US before launch, so it was sort of a given. IIRC most of the articles were saying there would only be 200-250k or so shipped.

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lol This where the days ... back than I was still hoping that the PS3 will be leader by now :P

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OMG, am I back in 2006???

Phew, just this thread. Couldn't wait another year for Brawl :)