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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo can't say anything during GDC now. :(

Kwaad said: It's all about hype. Microsoft and sony are getting hype from this. Will Nintendo be able to do anything at E3? Holy crap, lucky for nintendo the E3 delay!!! If nintendo cant do E3... I will seriously die laughing. Because that would be so horrible... I wouldnt even wish it on them.
Any thing Sony and Microsoft announce at GDC will be only covered by the gaming press and a handful of main news outlets (as always) ... If you want your announcement to hit the general public it must be made at E3 (for western consumers) or TGS (for Japaneese gamers) ... I think you overestimate the importance of GDC as a way to build hype

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It sucks for nerds like ourselves that cling to stuff like this. But hype is irrelevant for a console that remains sold out. Or is someone saying that the Wii will suddenly see sales dip because it's not making grandiose announcements at the GDC?

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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I wouldn't mind seeing Sony get some good publicity, but if they open their mouths it's not gonna happen, and you know it. ;)

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Is this rumor even official yet? Stock sales are happening all time, why would that forbid forward looking statements. I remember when Handspring announced their final Treo (the design that's basically still current today) right in the middle of being bought out by Palm in 2003. I mean this was Handspring's biggest product ever and today it's Palm's biggest product, and Handspring announced it months before release. That just comes to my mind as an example why this legal rule purportedly applied on Nintendo doesn't make too much sense to me. Actually, when did they first announce Nintendogs and Brain Training for the DS? Wasn't at GDC, was it?

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Still have the keynote - and it doesn't mean the announcements have vanished, they are just delayed for legal reasons. Disappointing, but hardly news at all. I think MS is going to own GDC. Sony's big announcement is out, and MS will have lots waiting in the wings. (Damn, and I was so close to being there :P)

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Some are wondering if Nintendo will have another "Spaceworld" kind of event to make some announcements afterwords, after all, it's not like they can't afford it. :)

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Well I feel sony has more than what has been leaked. Sony's machine is in overdrive. I dont know what is comming. But if HALF of what I think is comming... Who cares?

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stof said: But hype is irrelevant for a console that remains sold out.
Thats the main point, hype right now is simply a waste, they can't sell anymore systems then they already are. It's a bummer though as a gamer to know we have to wait longer to find out new stuff from nintendo, but it's not like that's a new feeling. Yet from a business stand point it makes more sense to let Sony and Microsoft duke it out for attention and later down the road had a large press conference showing off new stuff, particularly when Wii sales start to level off. I'd really only consider this bad news if nintendo had nothing to say because they had nothing up their sleeve. But it's clear they always do, a few sites have reported seeing some amazing things for the Wii including one big franchise revival, new channels with new games, so I know there is some excitment it just a little further off though from being announced. For some proof of this Matt Cassamassina from IGN in his blog wrote: "There are some potentially crazy-awesome games coming down the pipeline for Wii, by the way. You guys have no idea. I know that's vague -- has to be, but I've seen some stuff that you simply have no idea even exists and frankly, if you did, you'd flip out." here's the link: Matt's blog Yeah it's ambigous hype but it's fun to wonder, I would love for them to anounce Earthbound is coming to the Wii, I think Earthbound has Final Fantasy like potential in the japanese market I have no idea why they kept abandoning development. Sometimes Nintendo is clueless about how popular some of their franchises are. It took them forever to revive metroid while we endured a million Donkey kong games. Kid Icarus would be nice too see revived too.

itrackr has 13% for Wii. Let's see where the Wii is on Sunday afternoon.

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Kwaad said: itrackr has 13% for Wii. Let's see where the Wii is on Sunday afternoon.
as far as i know, it's finally the wii release day from the 3 week target inventory cycle. good thing didnt line up for one last time. a friend of mine got up at 5am to go line up at target 3 weeks ago. dont think i'll ever line up more than half hour for anything

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