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I fly.... and my prog check is coming... im so nervous :s i also like to watch soccer most of the time, i would like to play it but americans are not into it.

And i would also like to buy a new drum set to keep playing but i have no room to put it >.>

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Im currently finishing my first year in Culinary Arts at College.
I play guitar in a Progressive Metal band called Vital Decree.
I study Vocal, Violin, and Piano at my local music academy.
I go to Taekwondo three times a week.
In my spare time, I like to Run, Practice Music, Cook, and Play Video Games.

I am an editor/video game reviewer and blogger at the Houston Chronicle. Been in journalism for 12 years - and own a small business - I repair and resell iPods. My biz was featured in a New York Times article that put us on the map -

I have been married for nearly 7 years and have two children.

My dad's retired military and I've lived all over the country. Was this close from attending the AF Academy but couldn't lose enough weight.

Was gaming since the days of Pong - and picked up my love of technology from my dad. Owned several consoles back in the day - and recently started rebuying a lot of older consoles. Would love to work for a major gaming mag reviewing games (The gig here at the Houston Chron has been awesome - met with the GH creator Kai Huang, Nintendo folks who gave us sneak peeks at a few unpublished titles and about to write Christian video game news in print for the Religion section). Did some beta testing for Atari - I'm in the PS2 and PSP version of Test Drive Unlimited - I am the pres of Club D - and love playing games - and enjoy politics even more. Would love to start my own video game mag/cable channel that would own G4.

I love traveling in Latin America and want to visit Asia, Israel and Europe soon. I also like old skool whips - and would love to get a '64 Impala SS ragtop, a '67 Shelby Mustang GT and a '68 Pontiac GOAT. Currently project: working on getting a new whip - Porsche Carrera or a Range Rover Sport.

I'm a freshmen and I live in a dorm in a University. I do homework, go to class(everything targeted for a medical career), play video games obviously, use the computer, exercise in any possible way every day(most of time I play basketball with friends), a few parties every month, visit my parents, socializing with friends, other people, and playing my guitar when I have time.

vlad321 said:
Comrade Tovya said:
vlad321 said:
Well I'm on VGC it mean that I'm either working/studying, or in between load times. Therefore when I'm not on I do what college life generally has to offer (read: heavy involvement of alcohol).


Yeah, college was fun... for me it was like the intermission between being a kid and becoming an adult.  And I drank as much alcohol as I could to squeeze out every last moment of the fun.


Tell me about it, also my general mentality has GREATLY changed. It's not longer "what would be safer," it's "what has a greater potential of producing great stories."


Since I am going to be a doctor, I will think like a doctor!

F*ck alcohol! Even though friends tempted me to try it out tons of times. Plus, I have a pretty religious backround :)

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Double post

well... i work with advertising... spend my entire day searching for the best way to reach people with my clients's ad!

besides that... i'm finishing the university...
so, i wake up 6am and go to bed 1am...

in other words: NO LIFE AT ALL hahaha

Games, School.

4 ≈ One

I'm a college student, I go to college, I sometimes read, I work as a Cashier part-time, and I play games when I should be sleeping (not that late though). When I'm not in college, I just game a whole lot more because I have more free time, but there are some points where I have to help my family around the house for various stuff.

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