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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What games are you gonna playing till the end of the year?

ill be playing gears of war 2 just got the game yesterday its total fun, ill be playing Lost odyssey(have yet to beat it) and mass effect(i luv it)

ill picking up Assassin's creed and eternal sonata and probably blue dragon again.

Playing Assassin's Creed and Resident evil 5 <3

I dont want to be fanboy anymore...Why? it takes to much work but i will call on ppl on there B.S!!!:)

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I've got to finish off Rocket Knight Adventures 2, Ristar (Game Gear version), Phantasy Star and Herzog Zwei. A long with those and perhaps a few other classics I'll be playing LittleBigPlanet on and off.

I'll be playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption l Madden 09 l Bleach Shattered Blade.

If Im lucky No More Heroes and also Skate It.

little big planet, and resistance 2, and ofcourse kingdom hearts CoM



My time line

Today to 20th I'm playing Okami And Justice For all PW.
20th to 30th Fable 2
30th-18th LO
18th to 31st Chrono trigger

Then I will be playing madworld....

Former something....

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Fallout 3, LBP, and the new Prince of Persia are the games I'm buying/bought to play through a few times over, but I'll be renting Resistance 2, CoD:WaW, Farcry 2, Motorstorm:PR, and Mirror's Edge to run through at least once... whew, I probably will not get this done before the end of the year.

I guess Fallout 3, PoP, R2, and Mirror's Edge are my definites.

Also, I can't believe no one else is excited for the new PoP???

Wii Fit and Wii Music.

Last Remnant
Fable 2
Tales of Vesperia
Valkyria Chronicles
Persona 3
Persona 4


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ToS2, FFIV, Chrono Trigger and Sonic Unleashed (if everything goes according to plan).

Soul Calibur IV, COD4 and Persona 4

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