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I was answering fooflexible ,if you read his post you would understand

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Diomedes1976 said: PS3 Lovers !! Really some fanboys choose the words in a very comical way . I do like the PS3 ,for me it is the best plattform of the next--gen ,even if Sony has commited its fair share of mistakes and it has some strong handicaps as the high price .But from there to be a PS3 lover .....for your information I have a Cube ,Xbox ,N64 ,Playstation ,Dremcast (4 of them actually ) ,PSP ,GBA ,PC ,Super Nintendo ,Megadrive ....I have had consoles from all the companies and just as I hated the PS2 because its low-profile hardware(comapred to the Xbox and Cube ) and bad components I like the PS3 for just the contrary reasons .I have a big amount of reasons to like the PS3 ,but I dont need to justify myself about liking it .For me its the best all-round machine ,and it has the greatest potential .And sales-wise I think it will keep its first place (although not by the same degree as the all-conquering PS2 ) and despite Sonys mistakes and high price it will old its own until the price drops .The problem is for those people that cant accept a opinion such as this one without starting to blink and mumble "PS3 lover!Sony lover!" ......grow up a bit .
You jumped ship didn't you? Because when I joined here, you were rallying Wii, and talking about problems on the PS3... :-p EDIT: Here is the offical 'I'm a PS3 troll sticker' And here is your Troll-proof vest. Let'em have it!

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Diomedes1976 said: The problem is for those people that cant accept a opinion such as this one without starting to blink and mumble "PS3 lover!Sony lover!" ......grow up a bit .
I didn't blink and mumble, and I don't think I need to grow up. Sorry if you took my comments as an insult I really didn't mean it that way. Honestly the expression PS3 lover was designed simply to sum up your view out of sheer laziness, not really intended to insult you(or other people who are fond of the ps3 system yet don't love it because they don't want to be defind by that love), so learn that I often like to joke around(I know humor is often lost in text.) I think it's perfectly fine you prefer the ps3 over the 360 and Wii, nonetheless if you own a system and you play that one and not the others, it tends to make you bias, it makes me bias. For example I've been reading about Mass Effect alot and it looks amazing so I'm hyping it my head I'm excited about it because I have the system and I can get it. But a game like White Night Story I've hardly read a thing on because it's not coming on a system I own so that bias tends to make me think it's nothing special, but I've recently watched a video of it and it looks amazing. Right now I love my Wii, X360, DS, and I'm starting to love my psp as more titles come out(Jewel Summoner is awesome!) and I hope to be loving my ps3 by the end of next year when I plan on getting one. My point was if you took a vote it seemed the Wii lovers didn't mind his name and the Wii haters did mind. if your offended by the term Wii hater or ps3 lover, then pretend I called you the guy who prefers the use of the ps3 due to it's technical prowless. And just so you get me, I'm seriously not a fanboy, and I love to joke around, so just ignore my sarcasm!