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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So, anyone try Wii Speak yet?


Is it cool, work well, etc.

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It definitely works well. The quality isn't too bad, but, I can sometimes hear myself.

Is it/Animal Crossing out?

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yep both are out. I haven't bought it yet as there is no game I want that utilizes it yet. I *may* get it in December when the channel comes out. maybe.

hm, i visited sethnintendo's town and i have to say that it was enough to make me want one!

it works great!!
also, Animal Crossing online is awesome and there's no lag!

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I haven't but I need to get it.

I used it, it works really well and I like it better then headsets but I also hate headsets, it works much like a conference call actually, you just talk like you normally would and the guy on the other end can hear everything. The only thing was I played this guy from the AnimalCrossingCommunity boards and he had this screaming kid with him apparently haha so yeah you hear EVERYTHING...

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lol that would be my house.

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I have Wii Speak, but I didn't buy it with Animal Crossing. I set it all up with my Wii but have no way to test it out just yet.

superchunk said:
lol that would be my house.

background: "ahhh waaaa daddy he hit me..."
me: "stfu im playing game, go hit him back!"


That oddly sounds like my childhood...

Former something....