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I call my PS3 death

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I call my wii, wii?


i call my wii "wii"
sometimes i pronounce it differently.
like "who wants to go play with my wiiiiii"
thats just me.

i call my ps3... mean words


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I call them "that big blu-ray machine", "The small thing over there", and "the one that is standing up."


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When chatting to buddys i refer to my 360 as simply......... "the box" but said in a kind of "THE" box manner.

Eg............ You THE man

it's THE box

I call my Wii, "the Nintendo". I call all my consoles Nintendos.

Untouch said:
I call my wii, wii?




and I call my 360 a... wait for it..









I don't call my PS3 anything, It calls me.

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