Forums - Sony Discussion - Wow Sony actually made a great Playstation commercial.

 and i can safely guarantee that you will never even see anything this good from them on Tv, ever! 

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Flashy, but uninteresting.

yeah !

yes it is flashy but it is why this is interesting !!!
Remember their bullshit clip "this is living" from the last year.
At least, here, we have game

Good advertissement

Even if they stupidely forget PES2008 and GTA4 ...that are suppose to come this year too !!!

Time to Work !

This commercial actually says "Consider buying a PS3", rather than "WTF?"

yeah what was that 'this is living' advert about. anyway, this is much better got a real wow factor

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Nice job, cant complain.

I've liked their US commercials, though, starting with that creepy baby.

Also, the "This is Living" series was great for a good 5 seconds when that woman was naked.  Eh. 

omg noobs

haha wicked i loved it

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That's downloadable from the Playsation store as well

Yea I like it too. It really showed the games for once. Hopefully, they keep this up.