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I've never liked the Playstation controllers(even though I thoroughly enjoyed both my PS1&PS2 system/games), I've still never been into those controllers.

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If they switched the position of the left analog stick with that of the D-pad I think the "Shock" series of controllers would be almost immaculate.

Throughout history, every device that has incorporated a trigger mechanism has had concave triggers... until the Sixaxis.

The problems caused by the ridiculous convex trigger design were so widespread that 3rd parties began to sell concave triggers that clip over the original ones. Unfortunately, they come off far too easily and cost way too much for a tiny lump of plastic.

Sony had the opportunity to remedy the problem with the release of the Dualshock 3, but instead decided that they were right and LITERALLY EVERYBODY ELSE IN HISTORY was wrong.

Controller too small? That's a matter of personal preference.
Asymmetrical analog sticks? That's a matter of personal preference.*
Concave triggers? That's a matter of COMMON SENSE.

$100 to any person that can give me 1 good reason for having convex triggers.

If you get pains from the position of the left analog stick, why don't you get pains from the position of the right analog stick? The sticks are symmetrical and, presumably, so are your hands. Unless one of your hands is a wanking claw, your argument seems to defy logic.

the point of the trigger doesn't cut into your fingers after extended play. I got some good trigger add ons which didn't fall off but after extended play my finger tips burned. Also for some reason they felt a little less responsive.



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Dualshock 3 is Perfecto

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This gen i enjoy the 360 controller over the PS3 one

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d21lewis said:
Playstation controllers are the standard, each generation. Sometimes, the competition makes a controller a little better. Sometimes the competition makes their controller a little (or a lot) worse. The Playstation controller is still the measuring stick. There's nothing wrong with it. In other words, it's Mario from "Mario Kart".


this is truth

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Yes, it is too small for me and to light. I prefer 360 controller. It is more comfortable and much better for soothers.

the ps3 controlers are great. only problem i have found is i have tooo many blue tooth devices (5x wii motes, 3 x ps3 remotes, blu tooth keyboards headsets etc...... ) every once in a while they stop synching up without being plugged in via usb. A quick restart of the PS3 fixes this.. but it is a pain.

the 360 controler is the worst i've used, plus the way MS did wireless it causes interference with other wireless signals... a real pain in the ass.

The wii mote is great because you dodn't need to keep your hands close together right in front of you (when using the WiiMote + Nunchuck).

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the playstation controllers are my least favorite, too cramped on my thumbs.