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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Rare says: We were working on Avatars "before Miis

This was not a good comment to make at this time... because most people are going to assume you're full of crap.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...

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Otacon came up with Miis in Metal Gear Solid 2. He showed it when Snake was on the tanker taking photographs of Metal Gear Ray.


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Just want to clarify, the Ancient Greek Gods were the first to have Avatars :P

Anyway, it seems likely that the order is
Ninty started work on Miis
Rare started work on avatars
Ninty released details about Miis
Rare released details about Avatars

So no console company copied the other directly

Skeeuk said:
i cant stand mii`s there rubbish, i mean what do they do?

i disagree with heru, psn is a better and more stable service and free


 I agree with this. The PSN gets to much unnecessary hate.

And nobody is going to admit to copying from anyone, so everyone will claim they invented certain aspects of online gaming

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Mine is longer anyways.

But then again, Rare has been around since the Famicom days as well....

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heruamon said:
Gnizmo said:
heruamon said:
Sansui said:
Whether true or not, no one will care.

Just like people are already ripping on Warhammer Online for "copying" World of Warcraft's style.... when World of Warcraft copied Warhammer's style to begin with.

How did WoW copy Warhammer's style?


 WoW did not copy Warhammers style at allreally. What it did do was take Warcraft and pu it into an MMO form. Warcraft was originally going to be a Warhammer game, but the owners of Warhammer backed out before release and Blizzard simply renamed everything and pushed forward. So Warcraft is essentially a huge rip off of Warhammer.

So, Warhammer has titans and demons?  See...once again, HOW are they similiar...lore?  classes? I'm not asking for the histroy...I know that, I'm asking about technically, how are the 2 the same?  What's in WoW, that you see and it's like...that's STRAIGHT from Warhammer?  That's what I've been trying to understand for a long time now, because I see nearly nothing....and I play WoW, and I'm in WAR's beta...I'm not seeing it.


WoW did not copy warhammer, warcraft copied warhammer, and wow is just an expansion upon warcraft the strategy game.

in other notes, starcraft is also very similar to warhammer 40k, with the races looking very very similar to races in 40k.