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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Sonic and the Secret Rings any good?

1up now have a review (7.5) and there have been some positive impressions - have people been hearing good things??

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Gaming Age gave it a B+ and said (essentially) that it was the best Sonic game in a long time; not a difficult bar to reach, mind you.

Sounds like it basically met my expectations (the best 3D Sonic ever, but with room to improve): From the 1up review: "Recently, Sonic's handlers promised a stunning reinvention with his eponymous Xbox 360/PS3 effort...but that slapdash 3D platformer crashed his 15th birthday with a disappointing thud, continuing a post–Sonic Adventure downward spiral. Luckily, we won't have to stick around to witness a rock-bottom career burnout -- Sonic and the Secret Rings shows a hedgehog who's definitely on the mend." "Secret Rings isn't exactly a triumph, but it's still a clear cut above most of the stuff we've seen on Wii. In the wake of all the recent PS2, PSP, and DS ports, it's encouraging to see that a from-the-ground-up Wii game can look really hot. From a purely technical viewpoint, the textures, polygons, and effects here demonstrate the Wii's step-up-from-GameCube graphical muscle. While nothing here looks like Gears of War or MotorStorm, some stages approach Resident Evil 4–level artistry" "Secret Rings is more fun than any other Sonic in years.... The controls feel a tad reckless at first -- Sonic's momentum takes some getting used to, and trying to go in reverse is a pain -- but become more natural and fluid as you get acclimated to the fast-paced, twitchy action. It's almost as if you combined a surreal, motion-controlled racing game with the tricky, pinpoint platforming of Super Mario Sunshine. Once you've crested that learning curve, the game's true design shines through: Expert play allows you to pull off long combo strings that send you hurtling through stages at breakneck's immensely satisfying, breathtaking stuff." ...the party-game mode is a dud as expected, but I'm still buying this to play next week

God, that party game mode looks looks like a slow, chunky, boring version of Mario Party. But the actual game looks enjoyable, and the graphics do look really sweet for an early Wii game. I'm going to at least rent this.

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Seem's fun. I can't wait till March 21st to find out how it sold this month...

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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6.9 in Ign ....a mix of good and bad .

I think the IGN score is a little (overly) harsh, simply because the problems are relatively *easy* ones to fix - not core, designed related issues (i.e. lazy camera code). I think I'll be getting it. I *hated* Sonic on the DC, and other 3D titles I have seen - but have some hope for this. Plus Im happy to give Sega some form of reward for making a decent (from the ground-up) Wii title.

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Sonic Heroes was decent............but this could actually be a Sonic game I play without wanting to kill myself

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personly i never liked sonic game never did but this one looks ok. prince of persia for the wii! wonder what thats gonna be like

I've played it for about 4 hours and it is definitely..unique. Controls are solid, but the camera perspectives do alter your assessment of distance and speed. I'd call it a minor gripe. Basically, no worse than the Super Mario 64 camera, but not as good as it could be. What really pisses me off is the voice acting...that alone should knock the game to at least a 9/10, even if everything else was perfect. I think it deserves better than a 6.9, but certaintly not a high 8 or a 9. 7.7-8.3 is about right so far, to me. A well meaning idiot bought me "Barnyard Animals" for the Wii recently, but since I knew it was shovelware, I never opened it. I simply took it to Walmart and exchanged it for Sonic free. This is normally the type of game I'd spend $35 on, but not $50. Because I knew I could get it for free though, I picked it up. I figure Sonic and some combination of SSX Blurr/Wii Play/Mario Party 8 will keep me busy until Super Paper Mario comes out.

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