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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Sonic and the Secret Rings any good?

yeah, the voice acting is just better than the other crappy Sonic 3d games though. i wish they would just figure out how to go back to the good ol' days of Sonic...before he started talking and found friends...

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Uhhrg. That's the problem with voice acting - its *so* easy to screw a game, simply through the voice acting alone! Ahh well, I have a few more weeks before it is out here anyway (about a month I think). But there was some news that made me VERY happy - both Zelda:OoT & Kid Icarus are available on the Aussie virtual console service today :)) I just can't wait to play Kid Icarus again... those Intelligent System guys really know what they are doing!

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This is a very good Sonic game. To me it is even better than Sonic Adventure. They took this game in a new direction and is very entertaining. The voice acting is horrendous to say the least, and I even felt embarrassed to even be watching it myself. Once you actually get to the game you will find that it is not the usual sonic. I'm not sure about the camera complaints, I have found the camera to angles to work well at 16:9. Controls take time to get used to, but feel very natural after a few hours. You can tell this game was made with the Wii in mind, and plays extremely well on it. Besides the terrible voice acting the fact that the tutorial is forced on you when you start a new save file is annoying. The graphics are great at times, and seem bland at others. Overall these are some of the best graphics on the Wii to date. The action goes from very slow to fast and back again giving you time to focus and is very refreshing from games past where once you got going you didn't stop often making the levels seem pointless. The addition of some RPG elements like experience and the ability to gain skills overtime is well implemented. You set skills to a ring, while you can only use one at a time, you can save up to 4 rings that you can select to use at the beginning of each game. The mini games are really slow paced and are really not that fun. It is disappointing how they implemented them and they could have really added a lot of value to this game if they had done this right. Overall I would give this game an 8.7 out 10.

Wow, nice, I think I will pick it up. I have been looking at it as a possible buyer. Now that I have read some good reviews I think I will get it.