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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Zelda game

Definitely Link to the Past. I did think Wind Waker was significantly better than Ocarina though. The combat is much improved, really.

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I remember the original NES Legend of Zelda the most fondly, but I never had a N64 or SNES myself. I played the latter a fair bit with roommates though. I do have the Wind Waker, which was great until the ocean scenes where you're supposed to collect all the triforce shards. I've never finished it because of that, although I recently picked up a strategy guide for the game. Maybe once I finish Twilight Princess I'll give finishing it another go. I do intend to get to the rest of the Zelda games over time, starting with the N64 Zelda ports for the Gamecube - as soon as I finish playing Link to the Past on the virtual console. I'm pretty sure I already have more games than I'll ever have time to play fully...

Honestly, I don't have a favourite Zelda game because they belong all to the same Legend " The Legend of ZELDA " and this is the best franchise I've ever played, live with, grown with and for sure died with!!! ( huge words!!! I know I'm huge fan of that franchise ). I can't deny that Ocarina of Time is the best game ever but anyone who loves A Link To The Past I understand him and about The Wind Waker ( the toon shading is absloutly amazing ) and The Link's Awakening; the first Zelda without Zelda incredibly Mr. Miyamoto choice's!!!. What can I say more ? thanks for everyone who supports The Legend of Zelda. I'm not 2D or 3D lover, I'm Zelda Lover.

I adore Wind Waker. OOT and TP were both excellent, but I can't get over how good WW was.

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