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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Zelda game

What is your alltime favourite Zelda game? I am just finishing Twilight Princess but I must say that I prefer Ocarina of Time - it still stands as the greatest game ever in my opinion. Which Zelda do you like best? Are you a 2D or 3D lover?

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Link to the Past. Oh, God, Link to the Past. I spent well over two years on that game, and when I finished it, it was fscking euphoria.

1. Wind Waker 2. Link to the Past And I'm a 2D lover.

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Ocarina of Time and The Adventures of Link.

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Ocarina of Time and easily Twilight Princess has jumped on my list at #2.

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Ocarina of Time by far . Twilight Princess is great but little more than a rearrangement with better graphics of the OOT formula .

Link to the Past

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Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past. Twilight Princess is great, but it is just a best of Zelda type of game and feels more like it was made for all those fans that whined and bitched about Wind Waker. I'm more interested in what there going to do with the next Zelda game for Wii. I hear it's going to be different and not follow the same old Zelda formula, even though that formula is very good. I'm expecting full voice work for the first time.

OoT easily #1 - then Wind Waker, Adventure of Link (Zelda II), Majoras Mask. I never got around to properly playing Link to the Past - and its too hard to evaluate Twilight at the moment, although Im spending a lot of time NOT playing it (unlike other Zelda's).

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Here's my Zelda preference list : 1) Twilight Princess 2) Wind Waker 3) Link's Awakening 4) A Link To The Past 5) Zelda II 6) Zelda 7) Oncarina of Time

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