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Forums - Sales Discussion - The OFFICIAL Jan 2007 NPD Thread

Bunkum: Wii 431,550 Nintendo DS 389,901 PlayStation 3 288,636 PlayStation 2 253,456 Xbox 360 217,670 PSP 164,342 Game Boy Advance 146,667 GameCube 28,954 Xbox 1,099
Oh, yeah. Worship this guy. Re-eeel good job. Pfft. Good Wii number, and to think it has the most to gain by getting more units out there! Its selling the most, by a lot, and its the only console which is undersupplied! Pathetic DS performance: Nintendo needs to lessen their profit-mentality a little bit in terms of, say, actually getting units on shelves. Sure, they're having a simply massive year, but there's no excuse over 2 years in. They better have units out there when Pokemon hits. Scary number for PS3... Not that its a bad number, its actually pretty good, but its bad that they're coming in behind 360 even when meeting demand for the most part. People are going to say "wait for the games," but 360 has the games NOW, and will for pretty much the rest of 2007 too. Interested to see the software numbers...

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Please post the software numbers bunkum. :)

Boisemanboise said: bunkum said: All over 100k I hate you... Seriously tho, are you ever going to post detailed software numbers anywhere at any time?
He actually cannot give out specific numbers anymore, as someone iirc reported him sometime ago. He can however give out numbers >150-200-300k

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Were those numbers validated by your much loved NPD? NOPE! I have my doubts that the wii sold that much in January.

DIAR said:Were those numbers validated by your much loved NPD? NOPE! I have my doubts that the wii sold that much in January.
Higher results for all 3 of the new consoles (except the PS3) were reportedly cited by Microsoft in PR sent to several media outlets, according to the following site: Most likely, they wanted to tout numbers showing the 360 outselling the PS3. Whether the Wii or PS2 outsold the 360 in this data was apparently not an issue for them. Given the continuing unavailability of the Wii, even after a massive restocking of retailers in the US and continuing shipments, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the numbers were relatively accurate or even a bit lower than the official figures. It's been over three months since the console's launch, and the Wii is still sold out everywhere I look - perhaps barring a few highly priced online bundles. Luckily, we should all know the official results shortly. Speculation on January's data can then be laid to rest.

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Well, guys, it seems that bunkum was right and most of you didn't believe in him. Heh. I just have a doubt - why the charts of VG Charts and NexGen Wars have a 1,4 million difference about the Xbox 360 numbers (9,28 in one, 10,62 in the other)? Is it about criteria? Even this site Seattle PI said that X360 sold more than 10kk. I'm confused...

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What I dont get is why on hell the data isnt public by now and some of the reports continue citing it as "preliminary data " ??

Whats suprising is that the PS3 is still managing to sell 243,554, not too far behind from the 360. Seriously what do people do with a PS3 at this point? I thought I would see more of a difference between 360 and PS3 with strong 360 software sales. thats strange

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Sales data reveals Xbox 360 just ahead of PS3 The Nintendo Wii sold 436,000 units in January throughout North America, according to preliminary NPD data. The Xbox 360 sold 294,000 units during the month, with the PlayStation 3 not far behind with 244,000 units sold. The NPD data was released by Microsoft and has not yet been officially confirmed. "Xbox 360 had a fantastic January, and we feel great about our position in the marketplace," said Molly O'Donnell, group manager for Microsoft's entertainment and devices division. Well ,it appears it has been Microsoft who has provided the data .Others say it is "preliminary data " .I will rather wait for the official NPD data .

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