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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What is the best looking game on Wii?


Yup, I did it ......hehe



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Mario Kart Wii...
Although i'm a little biased...

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NJ5 said:

Note that this is all running at 60 fps with no slowdown:



Can't front that looks fuggin' good.

Right nwo galaxy because of the shaders used, high quality textures, and the art direction. I like the lighting and textures in fatal frame though. The conduit also seems to have some Nice effects like Galaxy. Metroid Prime 3 is the most visually appealing to me though. The game is so beautiful. Technically its not as impressive as the others, but still stands pretty well, but the art direction is amazing. I laugh at those who say RE4 though.

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here's a link to a video review of endless ocean

Okami and SMG

super mario galaxy

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Galaxy definitely IMO...Followed by SSBB and MP3:Corruption....The Conduit looks good too, just gotta wait till the release....


blink182 said:
aestethically either okami or no more heroes

graphically galaxy or metroid prime corruption, special mention to brawl aswell.

I second everything you just said to a T.

Just kiss the tip.