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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS3 breaking Pre-Order Sales records in Europe

Kwaad said: Looks like Europe is a hard hitter for the PS2. and For the top selling games... on the DS. Europe outsells america alot. So Hardware isnt important for consoles in Europe... Are the Games important then? Becuase if they are. Europe is the fastest growing market right now.
You don't really read other peoples threads?? You have this ability to look at something that proves you wrong and come out with a number that you say makes you right. For example your two links.. look at the total numbers at the bottom.. You state that "Others" outsells america alot on the DS, but look at the bottom!! U.S. sells more DS games then "Others". Stop the madness!!! and sorry, but doesn't others include other countries other then europe??

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superchunk said: Stromprophet said: 1. No it is not. Japan is half NA and half of Europe. NA and Europe are almost even, but recently (last year) Europe in total has purchased more PS2s than NA. 2. I can find you a Wii right now, where do you live. It's simple actually, no it's not sold out. You just have to look harder. 1. 2006 totals, according to vgcharts, not just the PS2 btw, there are more systems. Europe - 17m hardware for about 810m people ( That means 2% of Europe's population has a game system of some kind. NA - 26m hardware for about 335m people ( That means 8% of NA's population has a game system of some kind. Japan - 14m hardware for about 128m ( That means 11% of Japan's population has a game system some kind. This shows a couple of things. A. NA is by far the largest market. B. Europe is only larger than Japan due to have nearly 8x the population. Therefore, Europe is a much smaller market and will not enable the PS3 to dominate anything. Any idea why all three systems launch there last? Because they are a smaller market....maybe? 2. I live in Tucson, Arizona. Any internet site you query for systems in stock, will be outdated by a day, and only show numbers those stores may have received today. Unless I got there at open and waited all day or until they brought them out I would not be able to get one. I am not going to do that. I can wait until later next month when I should be able to go into some store and find one in stock.
My god, this isn't per capita. It's about what sells where, simply put in terms of comparing Japan, NA, and Europe. You're wrong, itrackr queries daily and hourly. And many, many people used that site to get Wiis. In fact, there were Wiis for more than a day at every single target in Indianapolis just this last weekend. Secondly, you could walk in and just get one if you shop regularly. Found some at bestbuy just be going there to shop for other things.

Simple words is Playstation brand is dying. The Playstation brand is about dead in Japan. Can thank the DS for that. Took crownship away from Sony and gave it back to Nintendo. That's why PS3 in the dumps with that of the 360 and Wii is up high with DS. America I'd say close to the same thing is happening. Yet PS3 will definetly fare much better there than in Japan of course I don't see as strong as outing before as usual from Sony in NA. Europe definelty has always been a strong market for that of Sony but really due to high price that is starting to fade. But there is a huge hardcore base over there and that's who's buying it at first. Once that fades away we'll be back to normal. It's not going to be the same as the Wii worldwide. The Wii had it's huge fanbase and had more demand than supply but it's February and still doing the same thing worldwide meaning it's just a huge console that everyone is trying to get. I don't see that happening with PS3 in Europe or NA and definetly not Japan.

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Kwaad said: Crazy stuff? I'm saying ~1.2 million PS3 in March. and ~500,000-600,000 in april. and then 300-400thousand after that. But at the end of march I'm expecting 4.5million more more PS3 worldwide. While Wii will be lucky to hit 6million sold.
The Wii won't do much more than 6mill, as that is Nintendo's figure for shipments as of that point. The PS3 launches late March - I think it will be lucky to sell 1mill in Europe in a week, but its possible (Sony always quote "false" shipment figures anyway). VG has PS3 *now* at about 1.7mill worldwide - about right I would say. So if you think that in 6 weeks *another* 1.7mill PS3's will sell in Japan & the US... you are smoking some wacky stuff ;) (current sales rate in Japan - 6 weeks = 200k.. being nice. That leaves 1.5mill sales in the US in 6 weeks... nope!). I think closer to the 3.5mill mark is realistic - giving the Wii about double the install base, even though it launched later.

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Stromprophet said: My god, this isn't per capita. It's about what sells where, simply put in terms of comparing Japan, NA, and Europe. You're wrong, itrackr queries daily and hourly. And many, many people used that site to get Wiis. In fact, there were Wiis for more than a day at every single target in Indianapolis just this last weekend. Secondly, you could walk in and just get one if you shop regularly. Found some at bestbuy just be going there to shop for other things.
I was mearly showing that the only reason Europe has more sales than Japan is due to is much larger population. I think that is very relevant when discussing markets. Think about it, if Japan had 810m people with a 11% attach rate, that's 89m consoles sold. Given all rates stay the same of course. I tried iTrackr and it shows 0 in stock in Tucson, AZ. I also called: 2 of the 5 SuperWalmarts -- 0 3 of the10 EBGames/Gamecrazy -- 0 (maybe tomorrow though) 3 of 6 Targets -- 0 1 of 1 kmart -- 0 2 of 2 Circuit Cities -- 0 2 of 2 BestBuy -- 0 So as I said. It's sold out. Quit dreamn' that you guys are just randomly walking in to stores in the middle of the day and seeing plenty of Wii's. Hell, lets look up Phoenix, AZ. What is it 14th or so largest city in the states.? iTracker also 0. I think I could've guessed that.

superchunk, seriously, now, all that matters is how many consoles you sell. If you sell 2% of China you would sell more than 20,000,000 consoles. You don't think that 1 country selling that many would matter? It does not matter what percentage of the population you sell, all that matters is pure numbers. Right now a lot of the former PS3 exclusives are planned to be released on the Xbox360 as well because there is more than a 5 to 1 advantage of consoles sold. Whatever the percentage of Europe that sells, what matters is the PS3 will close the gap some with the launch there. If Square-Enix and Konami (or at least MGS) stopped being exclusive to PS3 (between PS3 and Xbox360) then microsoft might very well control this generation, along with the Wii. PS3 needs to close the gap to assure developers that it will sell their game without multi-platforming it. Of course, it helps the PS3 that those 2 companies, and others, are Japanese developers. The Wii might very well continue to sell more consoles than PS3 for awhile, but considering all the games coming out for only PS3 and Xbox360, it's clear there are 2 markets being tapped even if a lot of people are buying into both.

__________________________________________ Retailers reporting "overwhelming demand" - Sony Online retailer is taking six times more pre-orders than it received for PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360 - and 15 times more than the Nintendo Wii. That's according to head of games Gian Luzio, who told that PS3 is "the most pre-ordered console yet" for Play. The retailer is offering a GBP 524.99 bundle which includes first-party titles MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man and Genji. Play also ran pre-order schemes for the Wii and Xbox 360, but some customers were left disappointed when they failed to receive their consoles on day one. "We underestimated the demand and we were very disappointed that we could not fulfil all pre-orders due to stock shortages," admitted Luzio. However, Play has pledged to deliver all pre-ordered PS3 units on launch day, with Luzio stating, "We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that customers will only be able to pre-order the system up until Play's allocation has been reached. "We will always want more consoles to satisfy customer demand, however, we are satisfied that Sony are doing all they can to fulfil demand," he added. Luzio went on to say that the inclusion of a Blu-ray player in the PlayStation 3 will have a "massive impact" on the retailer's business. "Figures from the US show that Blu-ray movie sales are outselling HD-DVD by a factor of 2:1 since the launch of PS3 and we have similar sales expectations. "In addition to the games and movie growth we expect to see a large increase in the sales of 1080p TVs to make full use of the PS3's superior resolution," he concluded. It's not just Play which is seeing healthy pre-orders for PS3, according to Sony. A spokesperson told, "With an unprecedented day one shipment of 1 million machines into Europe and a software catalogue of over 30 titles available at launch, retailer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. "Woolworths, Amazon and Play, to name a few, are reporting record breaking pre-orders and an overwhelming demand for PS3." The PlayStation 3 will launch in Europe on March 23, priced at GBP 425 / EUR 599 for the 60GB model. _________________________________________________________________________ Yeah, whatever sales records Wii had are gonna be gone after PS3 launch. Everyone can say it's just ebayers snapping it up, but I think they saw what happened here, and with 1 million consoles ebay will not be profitable. Availability will be great.