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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kratos VS Sephiroth!!!

chris1_16 said:
Kratos vs. Sephiroth?


-Killed a flower girl
-Got killed by some goth kid

-Has sex and leaves the girls
-Kills gods
-Escaped hatties
-Almost killed Zues
-Took a HUGE sword to the gut
-Rips enemies in half and rips out eyes (God of war 2, the giant cyclops fight)

You forgot a few things.

-He killed a 3 heaed hydra

-He destroyed the kraken

-He fucking climbed a titan and took pandoras box.

And Escaped hatties ? i assume you mean hades.. not only did he do that. He climbed out of the realm of the dead TWICE !


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He killed countless mythological beasts
He destroyed Greek heros, Gods and entire cities
He killed his own family

DMeisterJ said:

All Sephiroth has done nothing beside kill Aeris.


Kratos killed freaking gods, and Sephiroth wanted to be one, so there's your answer.

There's your answer. ^

Man,whats wrong with all the people thinking Sephiroth is some kind ultra-super hyper hero/god?

All he ever was is a ultra-super hyper ambitious guy.That's all.

sephiroth really, just because he can call a meteor from space that destroys several planets and hit the sun so that it inflates itself till it makes contact and burns you. No god in GoW can do that.


Update: seems to me that none of you fought sephiroth's true form in Final Fantasy 7

dd if = /dev/brain | tail -f | grep games | nc -lnvvp 80

Hey Listen!

well in fact I fought that gay angel and his great super power skill is just as dangerous as a thrown piece of shit. by the time meteor reaches earth Kratos would have killed Sephiroth 10-20 times

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Too bad Meteor needs approximately over 9000 years to reach the earth. Enough time for an emo kid and his friends to kill Sephiroth as gay angel in front of a yellow/pink whirlwind. And Supernova is just a shitty, long move. If it would really crash planets (including earth/gaia) then the fight would be instantly over. Instead Supernova is not even able to kill the mentioned emo kid, the kiddy ninja, the pissed off black, the big tit bar *hore, the cuddly toy, the furbag, the smoking wife beater or the gothic coffin dweller


Sephiroth TRIED to become a god. Nothing more but a wannabe

Kratos KILLED 2 fuc*ing Gods (Persephone and Ares) and becomes later the God of War.

His blades of chaos have at least the same range has Sephiroths Masamune.

Kratos spells are at least as powerful as Sephiroths.

Kratos impales a 50m hydra along with its spawns on a shipmast. Sephiroth impaled a 10m Midgar Zolom on a log. Not bad, but Kratos is still better.

Oh and yeah Sephiroth cut a cannon in Crisis Core. A computer simulated cannon.

Seriously the only thing Sephiroth could do is outrun Kratos and hide. If Kratos would find him, a blood-fest would initiate.

Mario would kill them both by jumping on their head.

Light Spear Cannon!

Pixel Art can be fun.

Kratos would win easy.

Kratos...he would rip off sephiroth n take his sword or his powers!!

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