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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kratos VS Sephiroth!!!

Shadowblind said:

 It doesn't last forever though, and it has to be built back up before he can do it again. Ryu is the master of damage evasion. You can sit at a boss fight forever simply because of his dodge move. To attack, though, he can be hit, but does it so fast that the only way TO hit him is if the guy never flinches. Even then....


Actually, the Urn of Prometheus gives him infinite Rage of the Titans.  The Urn of the Gorgons lets him turn enemies into stone with one swing of his weapons.  He would only have to hit Ryu once and the match would be over. ^_^

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Words Of Wisdom said:
Shadowblind said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
If you say so. How would Ryu deal with Poseidon's Rage?

Probably like everything pressing LT and Left Stick :)


Counter he wuld use the Wind Ninpo.


What would that do? I've never played a Ninja Gaiden game. I'm not assuming Kratos would win or lose (nor do I really care) so I'm just curious as to what Ryu could do against an attack like Poseidon's Rage.

As of the end of God of War 2 (thanks to Urns), Kratos has infinite magic so he could keep it up forever and can never be interrupted or knocked out of his animations.

kratos would demolish ryu..seriously =/


Words Of Wisdom said:
Easy choice.

Kratos was awesome. He traveled through time! He killed freaking GODS.

Sephiroth's greatest achievement was killing a flower girl.


I lol'd. Literally. I concur.

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Although Sephiroth is the most bad-ass video game character in history. he would lost to Kratos.


Anyone, Everyone > Sephiroth.

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Sephiroth, he can't die and Kratos can. Nuff said.

This will only take a moment of your time. *steals your watch*

Sephiroth : Ill will cut you to pieces and then im gonna tell mother how good I am (evil face).



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swyggi said:
Sephiroth, he can't die and Kratos can. Nuff said.


Kratos would die, go kill things that are all ready dead, and crawl out a hole and keep fighting.  And Sepheroth did die, twice.  He has only come back to life once, and that was because someone summoned him back to life while Kratos kicked the underworlds ass and walked out the front door.

Kratos kills gods sephiroth is human nuff said.

I'm just going to watch this particular discussion.