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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Silent Hill VS Resident evil!!!

resident evil, if it wasn't for re4 it would be close but that game alone makes resident evil the winner

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if we just considered the first 3 games each, Silent Hill wouldve won
but with RE4, the resident evil franchise got its representative in the hall of fame
silent hill cant beat that.

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Resident Evil... And know L4D is not better than RE so seriously shoosh.

Resident Evil hands down.

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Resident Evil. im getting SH Homecomeing, though.

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RE4 > SH2 > RE2 > SH3 > RE3 > SH > RE > SH4

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I've never played any RE, but Silent Hills are excellent, so there goes my vote.
How many versus threads are you planning to make?

Silent Hill, definitely, mostly because they're actually scary.

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Resident Evil, mainly because of Resident Evil 4 and RE5 seems to be as fun as RE4. I love the Silent Hill series but it has been going downhill, IMO. SH4 and Origins were kind of disappointing. There are some things that SH does better than Resident Evil such as music, atmosphere/environment, storytelling and it's far scarier. Resident Evil has better characters, camera angles (they're kind of annoying in SH) and the gameplay is better.

never really played resident evil so have to say silent hill