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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Wii numbers need to be fixed

RolStoppable said:
Odion said:
your telling me in the span of 2 months that they sold close to another 4 million units?

8.38 - 5.84 = 2.54

Sold that many over the course of 2.5 months.

And, since it has been speculated that Nintendo has been selling 1 million worldwide a month, you can see how closely in line the Wii numbers are.

Surely, Odion, you aren't suggesting that they haven't sold a single Wii since March 31st?

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3 months, and yes.

ioi suggested that these type of threads should incur a ban. But I'm in a friendly mood, so I'll just lock the thread.

Really, you come off looking a little silly when you say "These numbers are all wrong, look I have proof" and cite something that's several months old

I'm a mod, come to me if there's mod'n to do. 

Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

i know i realized right after i typed it and changed it, stop was able to see it before the change though.

However In May it sold 338k in the US the biggest market, are you tell me that they sold 662k around the world? I don't think so