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Dazkarieh said:
BengaBenga, please add Ju-On, all the RE remakes and Chibi-Robo to Play on Wii (guys, get this last one if you didn't play it!! It's simply awesome!!).


 and TvC

"Pier was a chef, a gifted and respected chef who made millions selling his dishes to the residents of New York City and Boston, he even had a famous jingle playing in those cities that everyone knew by heart. He also had a restaurant in Los Angeles, but not expecting LA to have such a massive population he only used his name on that restaurant and left it to his least capable and cheapest chefs. While his New York restaurant sold kobe beef for $100 and his Boston restaurant sold lobster for $50, his LA restaurant sold cheap hotdogs for $30. Initially these hot dogs sold fairly well because residents of los angeles were starving for good food and hoped that the famous name would denote a high quality, but most were disappointed with what they ate. Seeing the success of his cheap hot dogs in LA, Pier thought "why bother giving Los Angeles quality meats when I can oversell them on cheap hotdogs forever, and since I don't care about the product anyways, why bother advertising them? So Pier continued to only sell cheap hotdogs in LA and was surprised to see that they no longer sold. Pier's conclusion? Residents of Los Angeles don't like food."

"The so-called "hardcore" gamer is a marketing brainwashed, innovation shunting, self-righteous idiot who pays videogame makers far too much money than what is delivered."

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Also, Metroid Prime Trilogy (all on one disc) can now be added.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

Tag, courtesy of fkusumot: "Why do most of the PS3 fanboys have avatars that looks totally pissed?"
"Ok, girl's trapped in the elevator, and the power's off.  I swear, if a zombie comes around the next corner..."

Update: Added:

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Need For Speed: Nitro
Rabbids Go Home
Phantom Brave: We Meet Again
Red Steel 2

Optimum, this list it's becoming a really cool list.

another game! shaun white snowboarding 2

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Added Shaun White.

I completely redesigned the list and I think it looks pretty good now. At the very least much clearer than it was.



Going to buy:

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
Wii Sports Resort
Resident Evil


Broken Sword: Directors Cut
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
The Conduit
Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Add Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. That'll probably hit 2009 I think.

isnt chibi robo coming to wii also as a "Play on Wii" game

I think HVS' recently announced games, The Grinder and Gladiator A.D. should be added.

Gladiator A.D. is a fighting game.

and The Grinder is a first person shooter

EDIT: Actually wait. I'm not entirely sure if they'll be released in 09 or not. My mistake, better to hold off until possible release dates are announced.

How technical is your game?