Yes, add Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Rabbids: Go Home and Darkside Chronicles please, they are must viewable.

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very good games for 09. the doubters will be eating crow soon.

Can 09 be a turning point for the wii?

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killeryoshis said:
Can 09 be a turning point for the wii?

It will go from being the fastest-selling console ever to the Fastest-Selling Console Ever! soon enough...(?)


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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (Wii version)

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Add it to the list :)

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man that lineup looks amazing. I don't really understand why some people don't like Japanese games but if for whatever reason that is the case i can see why it wouldn't look as good to you. Still good either way though.

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good additions

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it would be great to erase games that are now in market and put new additions of new games anounces

ok, so c'mon. here are 2 new games to add

the munchables

I see Dead Space listed, but it's really called Dead Space: Extraction

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list has got me spending about 200 bucks on wii games :(