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I think that we will see FFXII delayed in the US. Maybe by then a slimline PS3 at $199 will come out. It is really going to take both of those things before I buy. Before going multiplatform I might have jumped sooner for final fantasy but now not so much.

Final* Word on Game Delays:

The game will not be any better or include more content then planned. Any commnets that say so are just PR hogwash to make you feel better for having to wait.

Delays are due to lack of proper resources, skill, or adequate planning by the developer.

Do be thankful that they have enough respect for you to delay the game and maintain its intended level of quality.

*naznatips is exempt

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BengaBenga said:
Fonzerelli said:
FF XIII is going to be one Blue Ray on the PS3, and god knows how many DVD's on the 360.


ooooh disc swapping twice during a 80 hour game! That's going to ruin my fun completely! I never had to do that for previous great games! My all time favorite FFVII was brilliant because it could never be made on N64, but came on a single CD-Rom!


The funny thing is FFVII could have been on N64. The technology Angel Studios used to bring RE2 to N64 was originally intended for FFVII. Square Enix just turned them down .

ff Xiii was a sticking point but the ps3 needed to be 250 when it came out, more so though are koie games for me whole reason i bought a ps2 was for 2 of their games PTO IV and Wareship gunner. PTO IV was kind of a bust not enough freedom like back in the days of pto II but if it, and a warship gunner came out for ps3 it might force me to buy one... heres hoping they are multiplat

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while not being the only reason, it does help.. i'll tell you, this wouldn't even be considered a decision for me if 360 included a ps3 player.. as the number of games exclusive to ps3 that i want now has dropped back to 2

5 - I couldn't care less about FF XIII.

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A mix of 6 and 7. I'll consider buying a PS3 when the price drops (to about 140$) if FFXIIIVS doesn't jump ship and LBP is as great as it looks.

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