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Forums - General Discussion - A girl asked me to sleep over tommorow night

should i do it?

Here's a video from my band's last show Check out more (bigger) videos here
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No you will get cooties.

It's a pretty vague question. If you're under the age of 30 then definitely do it and see if you can't get some hot action.



How old is the girl?

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jlauro said:
How old is the girl?

Yeah, see, that's the most important point. If you're 25 and you're meeting a 14 year old girl, you may want to reconsider.

Rubang: Well if that ain't the most cute kitty in pain I've ever seen...

Oh yes, the above video is NFSW but you'd have to be some kind of demented weirdo not to laugh.




Yes. And show up naked, so she knows what is on the agenda for the night.

Absolutely. There is possibility for sexy time.

I find it strange how people post stuff like this lol

If she hot go for it, if she isnt hot, then throw her to the wolves