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Forums - General Discussion - Who are your top 5 favorite or hated members?

My favorite 5 in no particular order:

The Ghost of RubangB

Special award goes to Nintendo Fan Girl.

Now on to my 5 most hated members, again in no particular order:

MontanaHatchet DKII DK Poo MontanaHatchet

Super special award for pure awesomeness goes to MontanaHatchet ioi.

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-Pwned noob!

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-Hi Stof, meet any hot babes on your tree planting vacation?

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-Ha, this is going to look really strange when read out of context.

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-You win this war Australian.


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Another cool thread ruined by montana :p

You just destroy mi chance on being in somebodies list...

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Stop bitching, you'll thank me when we can actually have a fun thread.



this is getting very interesting


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Yes, very.



someone might get banned by the end of today


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i hate you, you , you, but not you.

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11/20/09 04:25 makingmusic476 Warning Other (Your avatar is borderline NSFW. Please keep it for as long as possible.)
MontanaHatchet said:
I'm not a fun spoiler, but I don't want someone to say something like,

"Hey man, why don't you like me?!!"

"Man, remember back in Vietnam, when you ditched our platoon?!!"

And then everything gets out of control.

For some stupid reason, that actually evoked an LOL out of me, Montana.

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My top 5 favorite members:

1. Alasted
2. Alasted
3. Alasted
4. Alasted
5. Alasted

Damn, I'm so awesome.