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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which GameCube memory card should I buy?

Offical Nintendo 1019.

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Well since nobody's going to argue with quigontcb, I'll go with a Nintendo 251.

Thanks everybody.

The Ghost of RubangB said:
Well since nobody's going to argue with quigontcb, I'll go with a Nintendo 251.

Thanks everybody.

 A wise choice! Believe me, I really wish the official Nintendo 1k card worked great, but it's just not reliable enough, especially if it's your only card. I have about 80 GC games, so it's failure put a big hurt on me.

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I got a 251 block Nintendo one. Anything under that is too small for a person with more than 10 games, but anything more will probably be more than you'll need

I had some third party hardware for my Gamecube, but decided to stick with official Nintendo stuff after one of my 3rd party controllers stopped working, and the memory card got corrupted for absolutely no reason.

Kasz216 said:
RolStoppable said:

I would go with the 251 blocks Nintendo one. It's quite a lot of space and your files are safe.

Ever since I had some crappy 3rd party memory card for the N64 which stopped working after two years, I stick with the original Nintendo stuff.

EDIT: That's already the second thread in which a 1000+ MC from Nintendo is mentioned. Lucky Americans, I don't think it was ever released here in Europe. Well, owning two 251 MCs isn't too bad.

2? I had three. Though I gave one away to a friend. All three were filled too... and I hardly played my cube compared to the PS2.

Obviously, it depends on the games you own. Most of my games use 10 or less blocks for save files, so I managed to store save data of about 60 games on these two memory cards. Also, I am using my 59 blocks Nintendo one for my three imported games, because American and European save files on the same MC can corrupt each other.

Ubisoft games take up a lot of space (Beyond Good & Evil needs 55 blocks!) and I assume EA games use even more, but I can only guess on that matter since I don't own an EA game.

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I recently bought a Nintendo Gamecube, just to have in my video game collection.

I bought a used Gamecube and I will recommend this MadCatz GameCube Memory Card 64Mb.

No problems whatsoever with my games I have been playing.

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I have a 1k one, and it randomly blanks all the memory. Since I only have like 2-3 games on it now (since it blanked itself after I got a Wii and don't play most of my GC games), a 251 block one would have been better.

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GC got 2 slots. 2x 251 should be more than enough for all your games

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