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loadedstatement said:
As much as I want to complain about the delay, I cant help but glance at my signature and sigh because it is so true.

they arent delaying this game because it aint finished, dum dum.

Like right now they have to be packaging the game together and getting ready to sell? right?

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



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I do think the game's delayed because of online's probably a bit glitchy, what with the huge US system compared to Japan.

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Jap release was delayed one week

US release was delayed one month

I guess European release will be delayed one year. But hey, atleast we get it before Dec 2020.

This delay doesnt affect the UK cosits already gonna come out in july or something stupid... ... i think im gonna kill myself

@ all the people who pointed out the date change. I sadly I find out about it only by that other thread. Damnit I wish I would've just went to sleep instead of checking the site. that it I'm not believing anymore release dates for this game I'll just wait til' thanksgiving when it REALLY comes out.

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Well, I guess that will give me some more quality time with Advance War...

The Pikmin stage looks great. So much going on. I wonder if the seeds and onions are the only way to get items...

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Well at least we'll be playing Duke Nukem forever by then lol.

noooo god damn it why why why?!!!! Delays r evil !!!! :( !!!! I'm gonna sacrifice 1000000000000 babys because of brawl delay nintendo!

The other 3rd party character must be Duke Nukem

TWRoO said:
The other 3rd party character must be Duke Nukem

impossible. that would push this game far beyond the legal limit for awesomeness.

anyhoo, nice stage. makes me want a new pikmin game.