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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Halfway through 2024

I was thinking about ff7 rebirth but they messed ff7 up so much I'd rather they make a faithful ff9 remake turn based 

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Yeah, Paper Mario:TTYD is so far my favorite "new" game I've played from this year (admittedly, I've mostly played old Mario games and just recently beat the original Final Fantasy VII).

I mentioned this thread to my husband and he decided to check out Unicorn Overlord. So that'll get him out of my hair while I'm playing Paper Mario. Though he still has to beat Rebirth so I can play it.

I'm pretty much in the same boat as the people who are more excited about the second half of the year than the first half. I think I'm going to eventually pick up Prince of Persia.

2024 has been insane in terms of releases. I been too busy gaming, for once in my life, I need a break from gaming. Normally I spend a lot of time looking at youtube or streams and stuff, but I been gaming too much. I did have a period of about a month where I couldn't decide on what game to get out of 3 choices, and ended up watching a ton anime shows in my backlog. After that though, just been work game and sleep for many days.

All the games I played this year have been quality stuff, but no proper 10/10 game yet. I am hoping Metaphor Refantazio will fill that role.

While I only got to play Helldivers 2 and Animal Well so far, with Rebirth in the rotation ready to go, I'm excited to play Stellar Blade and Persona 3 Reload down the line. I'm also intrigued to try out something like Pacific Drive.

I'm hyped for Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, LEGO Horizon, and Astro Bot later this year. 

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Been a dead year for me so far.
But I am looking forwards to Dragon Age.

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Stellar Blade! 2024 is the best year for gaming for me since 2022. 2023 sucked. Still a lot more to go.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

My gaming highlights are pretty bad. Been very busy with work but finally got to emulate original xbox games!