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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 'What if Nintendo revealed a Concord', or would Nintendo get a different reaction than Sony if they revealed a Hero Shooter

Bit of a weird thought experiment I've had since the Concord reveal and how much negative buzz it got.

While my mind is very much of a Nintendo fan, and thus going in a odd direction for this question, it did give me something to think about on a three hour drive a bit ago. Is that sort of reaction entirely because of the genre having so many entries and Concord not being really seen as having a place, or would it be different if the game was centered on a less crowded ecosystem. 

You do have hero shooters on the Switch, but certainly less of them than the PS and Steam ecosystems. So if Concord was instead a Nintendo only game pushed by Nintendo, would that create a different reaction? 

...But since then, I've had further thoughts as I suspect that the idea of 'Nintendo revealing a Hero Shooter's is a very different sort of beast than just 'what if Concord had different buttons'. After all, if Nintendo did make a Hero Shooter it would certainly have more differences in flavor. 

For one thing, its hard to say that it would actually have a similar art style or feel as the typical hero shooter. Nintendo's graphical styles tend to differ, especially as means to work with the hardware limitations. 

It would also have a serious chance of taking more after Splatoon than Overwatch, so you'd probably not have in-game purchases or battle passes, but it would certainly only be on Switch and probably have some of Splatoon's Japanese-based design takes that can annoy the western playerbase, like how maps are handled. Also who knows if it would have voice chat, though in turn I could see some form of single player content the way Splatoon games have (plus or minus some DLC expansions of that).

It would also probably come in about four flavors of what such a game would actually be. 

The first is something completely new. Like maybe Concord, or maybe something as Nintendo a take on the idea as Splatoon is. 

The second is something that is like the first, but they add in characters from other franchises in the Nintendo family as means of getting people's attention from time to time. Kind of like fan made Overwatch Link, but also anyone that might fit. Captain Falcon, Mach Rider, Mechanica, Samus....let's be honest, they would not be lacking. 

The third is basically 'Super Smash Overwatch' where the characters are all existing Nintendo characters made into Hero Shooter versions of themselves. Let's be honest, they have tons of options there even without going near the second party franchises like Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Xenoblade (...and somehow I don't think it would be hard to see the latter two show up). 

The fourth is doing a Helldiver's 2 and taking an existing Nintendo I.P and making a Hero Shooter out of it. Honestly this could go in a lot of directions, though one thought I had at first was either Star Fox (if sticking closer to the usual template) or really dig deep and reinventing an obscureish IP. IDK, maybe Codename S.T.E.A.M or something? 

...Star Fox would have more to lose if such an experiment failed. 

So its a bit of a two-fold question: would Concord, unaltered, have been better received as a Nintendo-only Hero Shooter instead of sharing its space with tons of others, and would a Hero Shooter published by Nintendo, with the likely positives and negatives (probably being based on the Splatoon model, exclusivity, possible Nintendo character usage, decent chance of more single player content, the internet of Nintendo, etc) get a notably different reception assuming no obvious immediate problems? 

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I think it would get a different reaction because like you said Nintendo systems lack games in that genre, so it would be like damn something that stands out is coming.

Ironically a few months ago when Microsoft bought Activision an said they would release COD on future Nintendo systems, I started pondering what if they resurrected Perfect Dark and given it a modern overhaul into a hero shooter for Nintendo. Then a few months later we see in the Nintendo direct that Perfect Dark N64 has been release on the Switch, got e wonder if this a indicator of a surprise to come in future or wishful thinking.



I feel like Nintendo would’ve had a bit more creativity than just an Overwatch clone with some Guardians of the Galaxy edginess. So while I do think Concord would’ve been better received, Nintendo wouldn’t have made something like Concord.

When Nintendo comes out with new IPs, it makes everyone say “that’s so Nintendo” Splatoon being a good example.

Fragpunk looked like a much more creative spin on the hero shooter genre.

Hero shooters have honestly had their time in the spotlight, and so far, everything else that came after Apex has been floundering or vanished into the ethos, or met with a negative reaction.

I don't think Nintendo's would be any different, and they already have a hero based game, it's called Smash bros. Also copying Helldivers 2 would still be copying Helldivers 2, why not just make a game no one else has made and also not overly rely on trend chasing?. 

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With Nintendo usual etos concerning game development, I'd be surprised in the first place if we would get an unaltered form of Concord as it is.

Which is right now treated as the bane of all that is wrong and boring in the video game landscape.

They've already managed a good support with a franchise like Splatoon by doing an alternative to the usual TPS.
Them making a hero shooter would take on the same principle where they would most likely try to do something different than their competitors in a way that can only be thought by them.

But yeah, if Nintendo showed something like Concord as it is now .... Ouch. That be their biggest faux-pas in a good while.

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I think people would be more surprised that Nintendo would make something like that in the first place. 

In the way that Astro Bot looks like something that Nintendo would make, Concord would be looked at as something that a third party would make. (I don't even think it necessarily looks like something Sony would make, but it's not a big gap.)

I think people would be more interested, just because it looks so different from everything else they make; and perhaps wonder if Nintendo is expanding the kind of games they make (for good or bad).  

Whereas with Concord currently, it looks like an arguably worse version of games that are already on the platform.  

So basic consensus is that a Nintendo Hero Shooter would probably not get the backlash Concord did, but Nintendo publishing Concord would get the same backlash, maybe more?

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

I think Concord is going to end up having a better reception than ppl seem to think. But it doesn't have to be the next Overwatch or Apex to cultivate an audience: it needs to maintain that audience.

As for Nintendo... I think not having similar games on the platform would make it initial reactions more favourable.

I think the question instead should be...... would nintendo ever consider makeing a hero shooter?
(if they did, I bet they would get alot better reception though)

I think the closest nintendo will ever go, in that direction is something like Splatoon.
They dont enjoy the idea of players shooting and killing one another. They rather focus it on map controll, painting the ground, vs killing each other.
Which ultimately is why I suspect "splatoon" was green-lit at all, if it was just squids shooting one another, it would have been a "no go", and developement would have been killed. The only reason it exists is because someone pitched the idea of "colouring the ground" as a way to fight.

For some reason, I thought this thread was going to be about Switch 2 releasing in concord grape like the Gamecube did, and whether or not it would be successful.