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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spanish SW & HW Sales 2023

DavidValbu said:

Top 15:

9 Nintendo Switch
3 PS4
3 PS5

Just incredible considering Spain was Sonyland a few years ago

Spain is also Handheldland. After all that was the main country for the Vita outisde of Japan, for instance. That certainly played in the Switch's favor this gen.

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kazuyamishima said:

The room for improvement of the PS5 is still quite high considering that it's still 550 euros.

Launch aligned comparisons, the PS4 slim was 300 euros and the Pro 400 euros back in 2017.

I wouldn't bet on price cuts this gen. With the inflation as it is worldwide and electronics not dropping in price nearly as fast as they did due to hitting the limits of Moore's Law, not raising the prices would already be a good outcome.

I mean, we got a "slim" (or rather slimmer) PS5 yet the price didn't go down... in fact, with the price of the external drive, it actually went up a notch for those who want to play physical media.