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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Power The Next Level! All SEGA Thread! - Notable SEGA/ATLUS leaker shares news on Virtua Fighter Reboot ( Second Post)

hellobion2 said:

I loved hearing about all these sega games coming out. Have always been a big fan of sega. But more from a historical standpoint in I like watching the let's plays and videos on shenmune. I don't know why but I am addicting to shenmune without even playing it for some reason.

I played that game back in the day on my Dreamcast. I would go into my room, alone, turn off the lights, fire it up and just drift away in its world. It was a very magical experience that I still think fondly of. 

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New character artist I'm fine with because lets face it; Virtua Fighter's 80's/early 90's vibe, while charming, clearly shows its age. Jacky is cringe. Now, mechanics like Street Fighter is a little strange.

EDIT: Vague implication that cast will be brand new.